Most companies are bracing for the socialization of the enterprise. Some with fear and trepidation; some with enthusiasm and high expectations. Regardless of where you are in the timeline, what’s clear is the need for hands-on instruction with the folks who will need to be thinking and working a new way– a way that may be alien and outside of their comfort zone.

SoCo Partners offers customized “Open Working” workshops at your office location. It’s imperative to introduce these new concepts to employees in a way that encourages adoption and applies them to every day business processes they already know. With many decades of experience in large enterprises, our approach bridges the past to the future.

We will be happy to discuss a unique training and orientation seminar that will gently introduce your employees to prevailing successful socio-collaborative philosophies and methods.  To find out more, simply send us an inquiry to susan (at) socopartners (dot) com.

Is your Organization Social-Ready?
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